We can repair and install a garbage disposal unit for you if needed.  This is apart of every persons kitchen that needs to be taken care of.  If you haven’t already bought a garbage disposal then we recommend you consider getting one to help make your cleaning job easier.  These things take your food waste and and grind it up so that you can just rinse it down the drain.  Tired of having your drains having food jams?  Well these products are a lifesaver for you then.

If your garbage disposal is clogged up or doesn’t work properly then your piping could have a major issue.  If large pieces of waste are going down your drain it can end up causing a jam.  This can end up being a huge problem if it jams and you can’t use your sink, or if it completely renders your sink useless.  Here at Charlotte Plumbing we know how important it is to have everything in your home working properly at all times.  If there are any issues with your garbage disposal then you should give us a call today for expert service!

Garbage Disposal Parts and Installation

If you’re looking for a brand new garbage disposal unit then we will also help you out with that.  We can sell you a lot of different options that are very competitively priced. We believe in honesty and integrity, hence we only recommend the best products for your individual needs.

Garbage Disposal Unit


Garbage disposals are used so often that they burn out quickly.  The life-span of these units is usually around 5 years or even less, and some brands wont even last 3 years.  There are number of reasons that they break or cause issues and we are very experienced at getting them back in working order.  Sometimes the problem is from the disposal not getting enough electricity and it is unable to grind up the food.  We always insure that all of the settings are optimal so you don’t get any jams.  We also makes sure the blades are sharp and maintained.  To finish off every job we always make sure that your drain is looking good as new!